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SATBA organizes meetings, seminars, panels, conferences and similar activities to connect its members and update them on various commercial, economic, technological, legal developments and new opportunities around the world.

Trips & Tourism Packages

SATBA organizes business trips to visit trade fairs all over the world. The needs and interests of the business people are taken into consideration and they are provided with high quality services throughout the journey.


SATBA works closely with the RSA government officials and maintains links to numerous trade organizations, chambers, suppliers and traders in order to establish a channel of communication to unite its members with policy makers.

Business Facilities

We have a fully equipped office at an accessible location in Johannesburg with facilities such as computer, telephone, and photocopy machine, fax and Internet (available within working hours) which are available to all business people.

Government Services

SATBA can assist its customers with government-related requirements such as company formation & registration, license renewal, permits, commercial and legal consultancy, translation and typing services, and more.

Research & Analysis

Whether you are new in town or an established company with an interest to venture into a new sector, SATBA can offer market research and analysis services that will help you make the right decision.

Market Updates

SATBA keeps an eye on the economic developments in the region and provides timely and valuable information to its clients on projects, tenders and opportunities in the RSA and beyond.